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Wood Flooring Guide: Installing Hardwood Floors

Thinking about installing hardwood floors for your current home or a new purchase?

In this second blog of our two-part series from the team at Denver’s Choice Hardwood Floor, we’ll break down the installation process, so you know what to expect.

This is the process that you can expect to follow when installing hardwood floors at your home, even your business. If your contractor that can’t or won’t adhere to these basic steps, then you may want to look at another company.

Steps for Installing Hardwood Floors

Step 1: Sizing Estimate

First and foremost, your floor will be measured. If you don’t know the square footage of the room or rooms where you’re adding wood floors, you can measure it in advance to have a general idea of your project’s scope.

More than likely, the contractor will add around 10% to their estimate to ensure they order extra materials to account for any waste that happens while cutting the wood. So, if you see larger numbers than you came up with measuring on your own, don’t panic – this is normal.

Step 2: Price Estimate

Next, you’ll get an estimate for the cost of installing hardwood floors. This should include a breakdown of the cost of materials and labor. If these costs aren’t written down separately, ask for them to do so.

Sometimes, the person who came out to measure will give you a price estimate before leaving. Other times, you’ll get a phone call or email within a few days of the sizing estimate with the cost.

Step 3: Sign a Contract

Once you reach an agreement with the contractor that you want to hire, you’ll sign a contract with them. Before signing, make sure you’re clear on everything that they’ll be doing. Ask questions like:

  • Where will the wood be cut?
  • Who is responsible for moving furniture?
  • Will the room be sealed off with plastic?
  • How will the baseboards be handled?
  • How long is the installation process?

You’ll also want to discuss payment options before signing, especially if you’ll be on a payment plan. Like we stated in our previous blog, if they ask you to pay in full up front, this is not the right contractor for you.

Step 4: Delivery of Materials

The wood should be delivered at least 3 days before the work is scheduled to begin. This is crucial because it takes the wood that long to acclimate to the humidity levels in your home.

Step 5: Installation

Once the crew arrives, the installation process should move rather quickly. If they’re only doing one room, then they’ll likely finish in one day. If they’re doing your whole house or multiple rooms, it will take longer. This is a great question to ask, and the answer should be provided in detail.

Ready for an Estimate?

If you’re ready to get an estimate for installing hardwood floors, why not start with Denver’s Choice Hardwood Floor Company? We offer free estimates so you can take the first step towards your gorgeous new floor today.

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