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What’s the difference between engineered and solid hardwoods?

The majority of hardwood shoppers often don’t realize that there are two types of wood, i.e., the solid and the engineered. Both wood types do exist in plenty of options, styles, and stains. Besides, they both add value and structure to your home. But what’s the difference between them? Well, engineered hardwood is usually made…
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I need my hardwood floor repaired

How we can restore a water-damaged floor

It this happens to you, it’s certainly distressing. Once set to work, we start by removing any damaged planks, buffer, and surrounding pieces if necessary. We check the plywood subfloor and remove it if it’s also water-damaged. Should there be a concrete foundation, it must be allowed to completely dry. Then, we patch the subfloor…
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What colors do hardwood floors come in

3 Reasons to Choose Solid Hardwood Over Laminate

Denver homeowners may be lured by the lower cost of laminate flooring, but experts always agree that solid hardwood flooring is better. Why? 1- Solid Hardwood Lasts Longer Solid hardwood may be more expensive from the outset, but it can last a lifetime. Laminate, however, has a typical lifetime of just 10 years- your house…
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Can hardwood flooring increase the value of your home?

Is it possible that having hardwood flooring installed in your home increases the future value of your home? The answer is yes, it is possible. Hardwood flooring is considered one of the most popular types of flooring because it lasts longer than other types of flooring and is relatively low maintenance. If you are planning…
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Three ways to prevent hardwood floors from fading

Direct sunlight, heat, and moisture are detrimental, but here are three ways to prevent your hardwood floors from fading: Low-E windows/coating Low-E windows/coating can protect your hardwood flooring from fading by blocking both UV radiation and infrared. The good thing is that it will still allow natural sunlight to light up your house or office.…
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install new hardwood floors

Purchased a “new” old house and want to restore the floors?

Buying an older home is a goal for many people because of the extra charm that they possess. There’s nothing better than knowing that your home is different from all the others in your neighborhood. One of the best assets an older home possesses is the hardwood floors. If you’re in the greater Denver, Colorado…
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who installs custom hardwood floors

How to keep your hardwood floors looking amazing

New hardwood floors look beautiful but with pets, children, and guests, you may be wondering how to keep them clean. Here are a few tips to keep your hardwood floors looking great without damaging them. Always wipe up spills immediately to protect your floors from water damage. Never use abrasive cleaners or brushes to scrub…
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Trying to sell a home in Denver? Ditch the carpet, shag or otherwise.

Denver Post Article –>  Formica and cheap cabinets also lower home values… One piece of advice for home sellers looking to get the highest price possible — rip out that old carpet. Opendoor provides sellers an instant offer on their homes, and then turns around and sells them. Since this fall, it has studied hundreds…
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Complement your hardwood flooring with area rugs

Hardwood flooring remains a popular option with homeowners because it is durable and looks great! Adding area rugs to a room is a perfect way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your hardwood flooring. Choose from bold and modern geometric designs or go traditional with Persian and Oriental options. The possibilities are limitless, with different…
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dark hardwood flooring

Upgrade your Denver area home with hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring adds a certain elegance to your interior decor that can provide the design boost that you’ve been looking for. If you love your home, but its interiors have lost a little bit of their oomph, it’s time for an upgrade. Switching carpet over to hardwood flooring can give your home more aesthetic appeal…
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hardwood floor restoring

Refinishing makes the most of your hardwood floors

Genuine hardwood flooring will stand the test of time, and that’s why homeowners prize them so much. Nothing will ever quite match the durability and the look of genuine wood grain. Hardwood floor refinishing helps protect the life of your floor while showing that distinctive wood grain in the best possible light. To make the…
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hardwood floor inlay

Three on-trend hardwood flooring styles to consider

If you’re considering upgrading the look of your home with timeless hardwood flooring but want a fresh and modern look, there are several options available today. These three are some of our on-trend favorites. Lighter Finishes Lighter finishes create a bright, clean and sleek-looking floor. From subtle grey to soft blonde, these finishes offer a…
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