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Broken pipes to severe storms, water is the enemy of your hardwood floors. The team here at Denver’s Choice Hardwood have seen and repaired it all, so don’t hesitate to call us for hardwood floor repair.

If you’ve experienced a disaster – or have noticed warping, discoloration, buckling, sagging, cupping, or swelling of your floors, get in touch right away for professional wood floor repair. We can provide a full assessment, free estimate and detailed plan outlining the best strategy to erase the water damage and return your wood flooring to like-new, or better than new condition.

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2 Outstanding Options for Hardwood Floor Repair


If you’re lucky, we’ll only find light surface damage that hasn’t penetrated deep into the wood planks or subfloor. In this situation, we’d use our dustless refinishing process to repair your hardwood floors.

While we wish it was as easy as sanding and restoring just the damaged area, wood floors age, fade due to UV rays and get scratched up over time. One shiny refinished patch of hardwood will stand out like a sore thumb. Typically, we recommend refinishing the entire floor to create a seamless look.


For more extensive damage, Denver’s Choice Hardwood will recommend removing and replacing wood planks. We’ll typically pull the damaged planks, as well as buffer and adjacent pieces which ensures that it looks natural and not like a quickie patch job.

How to restore water damaged wood floors (in 6 easy steps):
  1. Remove all damaged planks and surrounding pieces as needed
  2. Take out plywood subfloor if it also shows signs of water damage
  3. If one exists, allow the concrete foundation to completely dry
  4. Patch subfloor and feather-in planks to match existing hardwood
  5. Use dustless equipment to sand and refinish your entire floor
  6. See if your friends can guess where you had repair work done
To learn more about hardwood floor repairs call Denver’s Choice Hardwood today!