Dustless Refinishing of Hardwood Floors

Denver’s Choice Hardwood Floors, Denver Colorado

At Denver’s Choice Hardwood we have the expertise to professionally refinish your existing hardwood floors.  With almost 25 years experience we’ve refinished hundreds of floors here in Colorado.  We know that refinishing hardwood flooring is a messy business, that’s why we employ a dustless refinishing process to protect your home and furnishings and your peace of mind.

When considering having your old floors refinished, it is recommended to remove all furniture, rugs and drapes from the area prior to the start. We will move furniture as part of our services, for moving appliances it’s recommended for warranty purposes to have a professional provide this service. To prevent dust from penetrating other areas of your home, we will cover the doorways and cabinets in a protective plastic sheeting.

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What is Dustless Sanding?

Dustless sanding equipment has evolved over the years. Denver’s Choice Hardwoods uses super efficient portable units that contain 95% of the dust. In addition Denver’s Choice uses a taping and sealing process with plastic sheeting to contain what little dust remains. Using portable equipment also allows us to refinish floors in areas where the older truck mounted units could not go.

When is it Time to Refinish?

Denver’s Choice Hardwoods recommends sanding and refinishing when the hardwood floor is dulling, has moderate to severe scratches, or the finish has worn off to bare wood in areas. Refinishing is also recommended if the homeowner has a desire to change the floor color or sheen level. Sanding and refinishing will restore the floor to a new condition.

Why Dustless Sanding?

  • Virtually eliminates airborne dust and reduces airborne particulates that can be harmful to your health
  • No dust trapped in air vents or permeating your home
  • No need to vacate the home during the process

Why Denver’s Choice Finishing?

  • No harmful fumes so no need to vacate your home or business
  • Beautiful – highlight the true beauty and elegance of wood
  • Durable – Swedish finishes withstand heels and scratches from pets

The first step in the process is choosing your stain color:

Now that a color has been chosen we begin by using a professional heavy-duty belt sander and edger and these are used for 95% dust free refinishing. To eliminate the remaining 5% we utilize a taping and sealing processes with plastic sheeting. Proper sanding levels the floor and brings back the grain, one of the desirable attributes of a hardwood floor. Several passes with the sanding tools will be required to achieve a smooth, elegant finish.

It’s now time for us to apply a stain to the wood, unless the natural color of the wood is preferred. We test the stain on your floor, as color charts may be helpful, but not always accurate depending on the type of wood that comprises the floor and how it takes the stain.

The final step to refinishing a floor is applying the finish. There are oil and water based finishes we use like commercial grade polyurethane and many types of water based products. The finish is available in satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish. All our work complies with the guidelines put forward by the National Wood Flooring Association.

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