Choosing Hardwood Floors in 3 Simple Steps

Choosing Hardwood FloorsThere is a dizzying array of options out there which makes choosing hardwood floors no easy feat. At Denver’s Choice Hardwood Floors, we understand.

We’ve worked with countless homeowners who come to us frustrated and confused.

Here, we’ve narrowed down the steps to help you focus on the key factors to determine the right wood flooring options for you. Read on for our expert insight.

1. Style: Personal Taste & Architecture

Consider the design and era of your home when choosing hardwood floors, plus your own style. Do you live in one of Denver’s brick bungalows? Your floors should enhance the architecture, wall colors, even complement the cabinets and trim work. If that differs from your ideal style, we can bridge the gap.

2. Durability: Your Home’s Traffic Levels

Choosing how hard your floors need to be depends on your household and lifestyle. If you have kids and pets racing through the house and host gameday parties for the Broncos or Rockies, harder wood is a must-have along with stains and finishes that help hide dents, knicks, scratches or other light damage.

3. Material: Achieving Your Vision

Now, you can focus on choosing hardwood floors that fit your budget. You’ll want to look at:

  • Type of Hardwood: Most popular amongst our customers are floors made of: oak, maple, ash, beech, birch, Brazilian cherry, black walnut, and hickory – with walnut being on the softer end and Brazilian cherry being one of the harder woods available.
  • Stain and Finish: When choosing a color to stain your floor, keep in mind that darker colors feel more formal and classic while lighter is more casual, rustic and airy. For finish, go with anything from a flat or matte, to a high gloss for more light reflectivity.
  • Width and Texture: Finally, you’ll want to choose plank width – wider has fewer visible seams, creating a clean and simple look that can make small rooms feel larger. For expansive rooms, a narrow plank is just fine. Textures include smooth, distressed, hand-scraped or wire-brushed.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards hardwood floors, schedule a FREE in-home estimate with Denver’s Choice Hardwood Floors. We promise no hard sell, so don’t hesitate to call or get in touch.

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