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3 Reasons to Choose Solid Hardwood Over Laminate

Denver homeowners may be lured by the lower cost of laminate flooring, but experts always agree that solid hardwood flooring is better. Why?

1- Solid Hardwood Lasts Longer

Solid hardwood may be more expensive from the outset, but it can last a lifetime. Laminate, however, has a typical lifetime of just 10 years- your house might not even be paid off yet!

2- Hardwood Is Substantially Better Quality

Laminate is thin fiberboard with vinyl or plastic coating and an image of wood over the top. The low quality actually means the profit margin is high on laminate! Solid hardwood is real wood, installed professionally. More goes into the material itself and the installation than to profit of the retailer.

3- Hardwood Has Great Resale Value

Realtors showcase solid hardwood as a feature and the fact that it lasts so long speaks well on the durability of the home when selling it.

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